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Dr. Morry Schwartz

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Dr. Morry A.J. Schwartz, C. Psych.

Driven by a curiosity about human nature and a profound desire to aid others, my journey as a psychologist stems from a lifelong passion for understanding people.

Guided by the belief that our experiences and relationships intricately shape our individual identities, I embarked on this path to offer a safe haven for exploration and growth. I’m inspired by the transformative power of therapy, fostering authenticity and self-acceptance in a world that often steers us otherwise. My dedication lies in creating a safe space where clients can explore their inner world, allowing them to embrace their true selves and find fulfillment in their lives.

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Professional Focus

As a compassionate, experienced psychologist, I work in supporting adults, families, and older adolescents (ages 16+) on their journey towards healing, growth, and meaningful change.

Individual Therapy

A safe haven for exploration, healing, and self-discovery, tailored to your unique needs
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Adult Psychological Assessment (ADHD)

Comprehensive ADHD assessments, tailored to fit your unique situation.
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